Daily Round up October 31

Stories on Bitcoin's 10th Anniversary, Cryptocurrency in India &Chinese Retail JD.com's blockchain research lab

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Welcome to another daily round up series. Today, Bitcoin celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. A decade old, yet its standing tall, number one cryptocurrency since the inception. Number one with no one even nearing to be threat to it’s thrown.

Do you know ho it all begun? Here’s an awesome infographic that can help you get back in time & understand the Bitcoin timeline.

Moving forward, here’s the story that will help you understand the behind the scenes of the Bitcoin Evolution.

Speaking of Bitcoin, one of the biggest market for cryptocurrency, India has it’s officials to discuss the legalities of cryptocurrency in the country. Here’s the story on that.

Another story coming from another asian super power and potential crypto market, China. A Chinese retail giant, JD.com has launched it’s own blockchain based research lab.

Jingdong.com owns 30% of the Chinese e-commerce market and has shown keen interest by investing in a huge blockchain based research lab. The company focuses on implementation of new technologies in e-commerce, delivery services, and finance.

All these fields being highly centralized needs a game changer and money saver, show us a better alternative other than blockchain. We’'ll wait.

While we wait, here’s the story on it, feel free to share it on your social network.

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